He shifted on the bed, the better to rest his cheek on her bare shoulder. She raised her hand and started tracing her fingertips along his jaw-line. Then he kissed her arm lightly, and broke the soft silence

"You were singing in your sleep last night."
"Was I? I thought I'd stopped doing that years ago."
"It was nice. Peaceful."

There was a pause.
He breathed, felt her skin warm on his face. Listened to her faintly audible heartbeat. She sighed once, a long, sleepy exhalation.

"What was I singing?"
"Talking Heads"

She gave a short bark of laughter

"Which album?"
"I don't have a fucking clue. You know I don't like Talking Heads."

She craned her neck around to kiss his forehead, and then sank back into the pillows.

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